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    Catfish Clonks

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    MADCAT Clonk Classic

    MADCAT Clonk Classic

    Classic shaped clonk, carved out of one piece of hard wood. No glued or screwed parts, so it won’t fall apart. With a medium sized, convex shaped head. The advantage of a convex head is that it doesn’t splash as much as, for instance, a flat head. So, the user won’t end up with a wet arm.
    190,90 lei
    MADCAT Clonk Deep Water

    MADCAT Clonk Deep Water

    Clonk with a big, flat head, ideal for producing really loud sounds. The powerful shockwave it produces is able to reach and provoke catfish even in the deepest parts of the river. Completely hand carved out of one piece wood, so no attached parts that can fall or break away. With this clonk it is easy to produce the right sound; ideal for beginners.
    201,00 lei
    Black Cat Shallow Water Clonk

    Black Cat Shallow Water Clonk

    Výborná vábnička na sumce pro použití v mělkých vodách. Ergonomicky tvarovaná rukojeť umožňuje lehký a energii šetřící proces vábení s tímto typem vábničky. Hlava vábničky zakulacená směrem dolů vytváří pro sumce velmi lákavé tlakové vlny.
    88,30 lei

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