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Major Craft

Japan is a fishing superpower and it is therefore not surprising that this is where the world-famous and renowned Major Craft fishing tackle comes from.

The company was founded in 2001 by Mr. Tsugio Mori as a solution for Japanese fishermen, for whom the price of quality rods from the USA was very high.

Thanks to his more than 30 years experience in the fishing industry, Mr. Tsugio Mori has been able to offer top rods at affordable prices. Major Craft has rocketed success and continues its boom. It is still true to its initial vision - maximum possible quality at affordable prices.

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Picture of Major Craft Solpara Eging, 2.38m -45g

Major Craft Solpara Eging, 2.38m -45g

Ekonomická série prutů, které jsou přesto o třídu dál než ostatní. Verze Eging je vhodná pro jigování, pro lehkou až střední přívlač.
44077.00 HUF 35262.00 HUF