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    Reward Points

    What is Reward Points?

    Reward Points is a gift for your registration and shopping at Rybashop. We refund part of your purchases to Reward Points. You can then use Reward Points to pay for your next purchase at Rybashop.

    What will Reward Points brings to you?

    - after paying the order, we will return 2% of the value of the actually purchased (ie not returned) goods to Reward Points (you need to be logged into your account at during the order)

    - You can monitor the Reward Points amount continuously (after logging into your customer account)

    - You can use the Reward Points amount to pay for your purchase at any time

    How do you add money to Reward Points?

    After paying the order, 2% of the completed purchase (ie from the items you buy and keep) will be added to your Reward Points. The amount in your Reward Points will continue to increase with repeated purchases and you can use it for any purchase.

    Practical examples:

    - if you buy goods worth EUR 150 and return for EUR 50 - 2% of EUR 100 will be credited to Reward Points

    - if you buy goods worth EUR 150 and return for EUR 150 - you will not receive anything in Reward Points

    - if you buy goods worth EUR 150 and keep it - you will receive 2% of EU 150 in Reward Points

    How do I use Reward Points?

    With money that will be returned to Reward Points, you can pay for purchases (or parts of them) exclusively at Rybashop. You can use the Reward Points amount to pay for the goods. The customer is not entitled to a cash payment of Reward Points.
    How to use Reward Points money is simple: First you need to sign in to your account. You can do this in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking on "Sign in". Now you can redeem money from Reward Points.

    In the checkout step you will find the text 'Use my reward points, 'xx' reward points (xx EUR) available for this order' in the PAYMENT step. When you click on this text, a checkmark will be ticked to indicate the withdrawal of the money from the box, which will be displayed in the last step of the order.

    If you use Reward Points money, the total purchase price (including VAT) will be reduced by that amount, and the Reward Points status will be reset to zero.

    If you do not use Reward Points money to purchase, the amount remains available for a total of 6 months since your last move (ie since your last order).

    Unfortunately, once the money has been forfeited from Reward Points, it cannot be recovered. Of course, however, you collect new money for new orders. The amount of Reward Points cannot be redeemed when exchanging goods. In the case of exchange, return or claim of goods, the amount to Reward Points is not refundable.

    How do I track Reward Points status?

    You can monitor your Reward Points status 24 hours a day by logging in to your account (in the top right corner of the screen). On the My Account - Reward Points page, you'll see your Reward Points status immediately.

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